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About On-Site Computer Solutions, Houston, Texas

On-Site Computer Solutions, Inc.

On-Site Computer Solutions, Inc. was started in 1988 in Fort Worth, Texas.  While working for Toys "R" Us, our founder also began offering in-home computer services to those purchasing computers from the store where he worked.  Before long, he was making more money in the evenings going to people's homes than he was making at the toy store, so, in February 1988, he ran an ad in the Fort Star Telegram that read: 


"Computer geek for rent."  He charged $12 per hour!  

The first corporate customer was a husband and wife team selling swimming pool parts from their garage.  The pool supply dealer wanted an inventory control and POS system to track his sales and inventory.  On-Site took on the task and worked for several weeks developing a comprehensive system.  Having so many years of retail experience at Toys "R" Us really made this project ideal.  

When the project was completed, it was sold to the pool supply company for a handsome sum and On-Site Computer Solutions was off and running.

The rest of the story.

The late '80's and early '90's were very exciting times for computers.  All through that time, On-Site continued to provide IT services to small and medium businesses and to home users as well.  The business grew and IT matured, and it was more fun than anyone could imagine.  For On-Site Computer Solutions staff, IT is a hobby, not a job, and to be paid for it makes it even more awesome.  It's still awesome!

From the very beginning, On-Site has considered itself a partner to our clients versus being a vendor.  On-Site Computer Solution staff take a personal interest in our clients and their success.  We are certainly business partners with our clients, but we are friends as well.  When our clients succeed, we succeed and the product we provide is ALWAYS more important than the money we make.  Never forget that.  The work comes first and if that is done well, and for a fair price, the business will take care of itself.

On-Site Computer Solutions does it all.  One call.  One solution.  On-Site.  Yes, we still make house calls to average end users and we still support large, enterprise class companies with hundreds of employees.  Each and every one of these clients have names and people behind the names and that's where we focus our efforts.  You tell us what you need to make happen and we will provide you with a solution, implement that solution, train your staff and support you all the way.  

On-Site now offers the services below:

  • Information Technology Consulting

  • Computer Consulting

  • Server Virtualization

  • and much more...

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On-Site Computer Solutions

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