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Want to work for an Information Consulting Firm? While On-Site is currently fully staffed, we do often take on interns for 90 and 180 day internships.  These are paid internships and are valuable learning tools.  Also, even though we are fully staffed, feel free to email your resume to


Are you an expert in security?

IT security is a hot topic these days.  If you have some particular skill in this area, feel free to send your resume to  Keep in mind, we do not traditionally hire entry level technicians.  If you have a proven track record of accomplishments that we can verify, apply today.


Can you manage virtual servers?

If Hyper-V, ESXi, and KVM are words that give you goose bumps, send us your resume.  You can send it to  We are not currently hiring technicians, but we are happy to look over your resume and see of we might be able to find something that suits you.


Data center design...

On-Site Computer Solutions is a leader in data center design.  If you have some expertise in that area, or if you would be interested in an internship in data center design, we might be able to help you out.  Send your resume to and let us take a look.


Internships in IT...

On-Site Computer Solutions offers internships in IT to those looking to get a foothold in the field.  If you have just graduated, or if you are close to graduating and you would like to look into a paid internship at On-Site, send a resume to

On-Site Computer Solutions

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