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CMMC Compliance

Let On-Site help make your CMMC Compliance a reality!

Becoming CMMC compliant involves several steps to ensure your organization meets the necessary cybersecurity standards.

Here’s a concise overview of the process:

  1. Understand CMMC Levels:

  2. Conduct a Gap Analysis:

    • Evaluate your organization’s existing cybersecurity practices against the CMMC requirements. Identify gaps and areas that need improvement.

  3. Develop a System Security Plan (SSP):

    • Create an SSP that outlines your organization’s security policies, procedures, and controls. This plan serves as a roadmap for achieving compliance.

  4. Implement Security Controls:

    • Implement the necessary security controls based on the CMMC level required for your specific contract. These controls address areas such as access control, incident response, and encryption.

  5. Establish a Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M):

    • Develop a POA&M that outlines corrective actions for addressing identified gaps. Prioritize tasks and set deadlines for implementation.

  6. Conduct Internal Assessments:

    • Regularly assess your organization’s compliance progress. Ensure that security controls are effectively implemented and maintained.

  7. Engage With a Third-party Assessor:

    • For higher CMMC levels, engage a third-party assessor to conduct an official assessment. They will evaluate your organization’s compliance and provide certification.

  8. Maintain Compliance:

Remember, achieving CMMC compliance is essential for organizations seeking Department of Defense (DoD) contracts. It demonstrates your commitment to safeguarding sensitive information and contributes to the overall cybersecurity of the defense industrial base.

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