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What can On-Site Computer Solutions do for you?

Are you a small business with only a few employees?  Are you a medium sized business with many employees and more than one location?  Are you a large business with a large number of employees, across several departments and located all across the nation or the world?  On-Site can help you with your IT challenges.  We support single end users and we support large corporations with sites all across the globe.  You will never hear us say, you're too small or too large.  What you will hear is how can we help you succeed!  If you understand technology, that's great!  We can work together.  If you do not understand technology, we can help you understand it and we can help you make it work for your success.  Call On-Site today.  One call.  One solution.  On-Site.  Currently providing NIST 800-171 audits and information technology consulting.

Cloud Computing

and Server Virtualization


Don't let cloud computing scare you.  Cloud computing does not mean you surrender access to your data.  It doesn't mean it has to float somewhere in the ether and you know not where.  Cloud computing CAN be on your premises and it CAN be accessible to you.  Cloud computing can also help you reduce costs and increase reliability and security.  Call On-Site and let us clear away the clouds in front of cloud computing and let On-Site help you focus on your core business.  Access your data all the time from any place and on any device.  On-Site can make it happen.

Data security and computing integrity go hand and hand


Protect the data!  Protect the data!  Protect the data!  If On-Site had a t-shirt, that's the phrase we'd put on that t-shirt!  Be it internal or external threats, be it human error or corporate espionage, be it accidental or on purpose, the threats to your data are real and present.  On-Site can help you protect your data and if we fail, you don't pay.  Security isn't just about the data and where it resides.  It's also about training the staff to be aware of threats and from where they originate.  This is where On-Site sets itself apart.  We train the staff as well as configure the computers.

Remote and mobile computing

Your device, anywhere, anytime

mobile computing

End users should be able to work no matter where they are.  Well, maybe not from the bathtub, but most other places should be doable.  In today's computing environments, if you are still chained to your old desktop, you are doing something wrong.  On-Site can help you select the best mobile computing solutions, implement them, and then train your staff on how to work remotely with ease and comfort.  All the while this is happening, we are protecting your data and ensuring that you can work comfortable in the knowledge that your data will not be stolen or compromised.

Malware, ransomeware, the dark web and other IT terrors

computer malware

2.2 billion dollars!  That's how much money ransomware attackers made in 2019!  Are you interested in contributing to that figure?  If not, you need to make sure you're protected against these attacks and you need to make sure you can recover from these attacks in the event that one makes it through.  On-Site can help protect you and On-Site can help you recover.  Our techs are the most highly trained in the industry and most have well over 25 years of IT experience.  Having started from the ground up, we understand IT down to its core and this makes it possible for On-Site to offer the most in-depth and vigorous defense against the attackers and those who would do you harm.  

Patching, updates and anti-virus...

patching av

Most of the time, IT companies focus on the big money makers.  Those include cloud computing, backup and replication, and managed services.  While these things are important, they aren't the end all be all of supporting an IT infrastructure.  Patching the computers and servers, updating the computers and servers, and making sure anti-virus is up to date and scanning the important things is also a part of this.  Of course, these things fall under the "managed services" umbrella, but they are also the places where most things are missed.  The hands-off approach often means the patching and updating is incomplete or lacking.  On-Site has made its mark in this arena.  Call us and find out how.

End user support and training, plus end user participation


Browse other IT sites and you will see one thing is missing consistently and that is a focus on the end user.  Most IT companies today want to avoid interacting with the end user because most geeks think end users are part of the problem.  At On-Site, we think the exact opposite.  End users are the ones sitting at the computers doing the work.  Servers might run the backend, but without end users, servers would have no purpose.  At On-Site, we have an entire team dedicated to training, teaching, and informing end users so that they are in the best position to perform their work and to support their company.  Since end users are usually the first point of contact for attacks, it's best that they be well versed in how to spot and avoid the pitfalls.

On-Site Computer Solutions

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