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Own the business? Know this!

My company has picked up a new business. It's a dentist office with several doctors and quite a large staff. It seems their current IT, the company we are replacing, has been providing terrible service, doesn't return calls, takes days to resolve issues, among other things. The doctors are finally fed up and called On-Site to take over.

Well, the old IT company won't release admin passwords or credentials. They won't even give this info to the business owner. Now, before you say anything, there are no contracts and no "legal" reasons for the withholding of this info, so that's certainly not the issue. It seems that the old IT company simply won't give up the info.

Look, if you are a business owner or executive, you should make certain you have these critical passwords. You need to have the domain admin credentials, the credentials for the firewall, DNS, web hosting, email, etc. There are literally hundreds of usernames and passwords that you should have access to for situations such as this. Don't let your IT company own you or blackmail you or keep you in the dark. Get credential info from them now and keep it in a safe and secure place.

What we do here at On-Site is create a OneNote for the client and we keep all critical info in there. Then we share the notebook with the client so that the client always has access. When we make changes, it's updated for the client as well. OneNote is encrypted, can be password protected and is encrypted at rest.

Regardless of your solution, get this critical credential info for your computer network and make sure you have it.

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